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Ivorell - Loose ends #2 by Brian-van-Hunsel

Ok as i have no idea what kind of kingdom this map shows or what is the story behind it I only will write about the artistic aspects.

When I first saw this map I thought of Middle Earth. Your style is really equal still I have to say prefer yours. I like the fact that everything is clearly lined and that you refrained to much details. Also I think it's great that you used only a few tree symbols inside the woods instead of filling everything out. The same for the water and everything else.
The colouring is great. You used a little shadows which gives the whole landscape kind of a plastic look. I also like the coloured frontiers. Only the colours of the lands around "Cen Heddan" and "Tranto" look a little strange to me - but I can't tell you why. Maybe there's a little to much colour in there.
The shade of the paper used and the marks and spots here and there make it look like it was really an old map. The handwriting is clearly but unique and completes the realistic look.
The only thing that really disturbs me is that you can see the pencils lines on some spots, e.g. aorund the writing "Attavir" or the "River Tirvarelle". Maybe you could have a look and erase that?

All in all this map is an amazing work and really realistic. I wish I could draw a map like this. Great work!
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Brian-van-Hunsel Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for your thoughts! And the very close look, too; I thought I had got rid of all the (half-erased) pencil lines. Must've overlooked some. :P

I'm not sure how the colours around Cen Heddan and Tranto are strange, though. Basically, the coloured borders are copy-pasted layer effects. Maybe it's the fact that those two regions are a bit more filled out than, say, the Goblin Kingdoms are, and the presence of hills and trees make it look a bit to crowded? Pretty much every layer has the "multiply" blend mode, so more colours on top of each other will look darker.
Maybe I'll see what you mean when I've not looked at this map for a while. You get blind staring at the same map for too long. Well, I do ... ;)
Anyways, even if I don't see it or disagree, that doesn't mean I don't take your input seriously. I appreciate it a lot, so thanks again! :)
Amliel Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're very welcome :D
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